How to launch a new business that breaks a paradigm in the PR universe as we know it?


In the search for a more efficient and accurate connection between brands, storytellers and audience, we helped a group of talented media professionals launch Soko, a data-driven earned media company.

Few years ago, low quality non-relevant releases were sent with absolutely no previous curatorship or science behind it when brands wanted to communicate their stories.

Searching for a way to make branded content more relevant to journalists in a digital world, advertiser Felipe Simi and his crew built a new agency structure, its framework and routine.

Soko is now an award-winner well-established PR agency in Brazil, acknowledged for offering a unique combination of creativity and a rich approach to digital metrics when delivering brand messages to clients such as Netflix, Ben&Jerry’s. and Avon.

Our Mission

To create and prototype a digital platform that connects a brand story with journalists and media without any middleman.

Around the table
  • Regina Augusto, Publisher at Meio&Mensagem
  • Lucas Dupin, Tech Leader at Doubleleft
  • Yentl Delanhesi, Information Architect
  • Tatiana Wang, Marketing Manager at Redbull
  • Rafael Ponzini, Art Director at CuboCC
  • Rafa Iapequino, Operation Leader at 223
  • Bruno Mantovello, COO at Neuron
  • Ale Blanco, Head of Content at 223
  • André Gibin, Head of Intelligence at 223
  • Gus Bonfiglioli, Culture Communication Leader at CLAN
  • Raphael Pavan, Creative Leader at Pong
  • Helene Hermes, Human Development Leader at CLAN
Mesa's team
  • Felipe Simi
  • Ligia Giatti