How can a brand truthfully and deeply tackle the cause of gender diversity?


With the challenge of helping Skyy to communicate in a braver way, capable to convey the world's changes, we gathered around the Mesa the brand's 4 agencies together with amazing professionals.

Getting all involved people to work together during 3 days made it possible to understand and reinforce Skyy's connection to the diversity and free spirit from San Francisco, where it was born, and as such create a really bold project.

Around the Mesa, we created and prototyped Casa Ponte: a space dedicated to break down prejudices about gender diversity, promoting the destruction of barriers, and connecting people in workshops, lectures, concerts, cinema sessions, and activities in favor of the debate and visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The project was lauched 3 months after the Mesa and became reference for the brand's global team as a means to convey Skyy's Free The New spirit in really relevant ways.

Our Mission

Create and prototype a brand experience capable of translating Skyy Vodka's proposition: unity over division, introducing a braver brand able to convey the world's changes.

In an integrated action with professionals from the agencies Artplan, Purple Cow, Mark Up and Pros, we should find stories, territories and tone of voice that will compose the new brand communication.

Around the table
  • Marcelo Bernardes, CEO at Purple Cow
  • Cassio Lopes, Creative Director at Purple Cow
  • Flavia Campos, Planning Director at Artplan
  • Zico Farina, Creative Director at Artplan
  • Dilma Campos, Planning Director at Mark Up
  • Ana Paula Marques, Planner at Pros
  • André Rodrigues, Marketing Manager at Gruppo Campari
  • Marina Santos, Marketing Director at Gruppo Campari
  • Bruno Fechio, Brand Manager at Skyy
  • Neli Pereira, Journalist, Mixologist and Creator of Espaço Zebra
  • Lucas Liedke, Strategist and Researcher
  • Rodrigo Guima, Social Artist and Cultural Researcher
  • Felipe Griebel, Motion Designer   
  • Fernanda Frazão, Videomaker
  • Ralph Mayer, Designer
  • ‍Rafael Quick
  • Juliana Fava
  • Isabella Nardini
  • Valentina Ferrari