Some of the most brilliant creative minds in Brazil created a manifesto on the power of technology.


What happens when you get the most extraordinary minds in the creative industry to work together creating a manifesto on the way technology impacts our lives?

Inspired by the use of Galaxy Note 4, the smartwatch Galaxy Gear S, the earphone Gear Circle and the Gear VR, the group created Agents of Change, a really innovative and powerful digital campaign, produced in 12 hours around the table.

Our Mission

Create a manifesto about the impact of technology in our lives

Around the table
  • Ronaldo Lemos, Lawyer and TV Presenter
  • Bruno Barreto, Film Maker
  • Flavio Samelo, Photographer 
  • Nizan Guanaes, Founder at Grupo ABC
  • L├ízaro Ramos, Actor, Director and Writer
  • Bia Granja, Founder at YouPix
  • Renato Freitas, Founder at 99Taxis
  • Fernanda Young, Writer and Actress
  • Felipe Andreoli, Journalist and TV Presenter
Mesa's team
  • Barbara Soalheiro
  • Ligia Giatti
  • Kiko Steinhoff