How can a huge cosmetic company save time and still make a crucial decision for its future?


It happens in all corporations: when faced with strategic situations that entail risks and big financial impacts, decision makers freeze.

When Natura decided to expand its line of products and offer options to the smart consumer (i.e. interested in a more reasonable equation between price and benefits), it had to decide between buying a new company or transforming one of its brands.

In a Mesa, the company's main decision makers (including co-founder and board president Pedro Passos and the current president João Paulo Ferreira) chose to relaunch a brand, but do so in new corporate format, starting a new autonomous business unit. An initiative to start competing with smart beauty startups, a real threat to the cosmetic industry giants.

In February 2017, Natura relaunched its Faces line in the market.

Our Mission

We need to align the scope of project S* amongst the main strategic players within the company. And write the press-release that will communicate to the market in Latam the launch of a new brand from Natura.

Around the table
  • Roberto Lima, former Natura President
  • Pedro Passos, Board President at Natura
  • João Paulo Ferreira, President at Natura
  • Pedro Horigoshi, New Business Manager at Natura
  • Andrea Alvares, Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability VP at Natura
  • Josie Romero, Operations and Logistics VP at Natura
  • Erasmo Toledo, Direct Sale VP at Natura
  • Gerson Pinto, Innovation VP at Natura
  • Agenor Leão, Technology and Digital Business VP at Natura
  • Maria Paula Fonseca, Global Cosmetic Unit Director at Natura
  • Eric Acher, Founder at Monashees
  • Adriano Silva, Publisher at Projeto Draft
  • Renata Vichi, Group's CRM VP (Kopenhagen)
Mesa's team
  • Miriam Algarra
  • Thum Thompson
  • Isabella Nardini
  • Barbara Soalheiro
  • Rafael Quick