Making a new generation of consumers fall in love with the classic combo of Big Mac and Coke.


The perfect combination between the two most iconic flavors in the world: this was this Mesa's starting point.

To create awareness for McDonald's among the new generations, we created a campaign that millennials and centennials could relate to, challenging them to explain all the sensations that are awakened when they taste the Big Mac + Coca-Cola combo.

#DareToExplain was created for Latin America, designed to be perceived as local and had its variations for different markets developed in Mesa.

Each store counted on a VR experience as part of the campaign that reached a whole generation of Latin American youngsters offering them a real reason to visit the stores.

The campaign was a great success, reaching double digit growth in all markets in Latin America.

Our Mission

Create and prototype the creative platform that will recruit an entirely new generation of clients (16-25 years old) for McDonald's, by making them fall in love with the classics Big Mac and Coke. Whatever we create needs to:

  • be simple and bold;
  • have the power to increase sales of the combo Big Mac + Coke;
  • be perceived as local by every market in Latin America;
  • generate continuous traffic increase to our stores (that means it can’t be a traditional promotional campaign);
  • add value to the classics without changing the recipe or the price of the products.
Around the table
  • Elizabeth Porth, Marketing Director for Latin America at Arcos Dourados (Mc Donald's)
  • Mauricio Sanchez Pompa, Marketing Director at Arcos Dourados (Mc Donald's)
  • Roberto Gnypek, Marketing VP at Arcos Dourados (Mc Donald's)
  • Diana Pelaez, Director Marketing División Caribe at Arcos Dourados (Mc Donald's)
  • Elvia Torres, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Costa Rica
  • Andre Matarazzo, Creative Leader
  • Angel Anderson, former VP/Experience Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  • Guilherme Coe, Corporate Marketing Manager for Latin America at McDonald's
  • Daniel Dranger, Creative Excelence at Coca-Cola
  • Isabela Mondaini, Key Accoount Manager at Coca-Cola
  • Gabriel Giacomini, Developer
  • Bruno Shintate, Videomaker
  • Airton Groba, Designer
  • Daniel Motta, Creative Director DPZ&T
  • Cesar Nicolau, Trademark Marketing at Coca-Cola
Mesa's Team
  • Bárbara Soalheiro
  • Tiago Pereira
  • Isabella Nardini
  • Juliana Cainelli