Helping a social project spend wisely the grant from Impact Challenge.


The construction and refurbishments of public Brazilian daycares and schools that are either late or interrupted are overseen by the NGO Transparência Brasil.

In a Mesa, we created and prototyped the app that can dramatically increase the NGO's work making every citizen a supervisor able to send pictures of the site from within the tool. Each image is them remotely analysed by specialized engineers and the complaint is informed by the NGO to the government.

Tá de pé? was launched in August 2017 and its development happened with a Google grant by means of a social impact program. But beyond the grant, the technology giant need to ensure the NGO would spend the money wisely in a way that would result into an efficient digital product in timely fashion. To make that come true, Google brought this challenge to Mesa.


Increase the completion rate of school and children daycares in Brazil. We should create a simple intuitive app that uses the public's participation to track and lessen delays in building sites. We should present:

  • a functional prototype of the app.
  • a sustainable model to use resources, partnerships, and volunteers of Transparência Brasil.
  • a communication strategy that uses as many spontaneous mediums as possible.
  • the project's scope and budget.
  • Manoel Galdino, Executive Director at Transparência Brasil
  • Guilherme Neumann, Head of Design at NuBank
  • Leandro Beguoci, Editorial Director at Nova Escola
  • Yentl Delanhesi, Teacher and Information Architect at Niiez
  • Edson Pavoni, Creative Lead ar D3
  • Fátima Santana, Engineer
  • Raphael Fagundes, Graphic Designer
  • Kaio Medau, Frontend Developer
  • Jonathan Querubina, Backend Developer
  • Kim Farrell, Brand Marketing Manager at Google
  • Thiago Avancini, Creative Technologist at Google
  • Juliana Sakai, Project Leader at Transparência Brasil
  • Ligia Giatti
  • Rafael Quick
  • Juliana Cainelli