How to show the features of a digital product using a 20-sq-cm space in a very appealing way.


It is not the easiest thing in the world to create a memorable experience in a very limited space. But this was the challenge that a team formed by some of the most talented architects, designers and creatives in Brazil faced at this Mesa.

Following the guidelines of Fast Shop, which has rigid height and depth parameters for any in-store display, we conceived and prototyped an immersive experience that is able to present two irresistible features of the Google Photos app: super intuitive search (you can search by colors or concepts like "love" and the app will find what you are looking for), and unlimited backup.

At the end, during the presentation of the prototype, the best reward: entrepreneur Marie Kakumoto, who founded Fast Shop, was thrilled to see the work presented: "Seeing this reminds me of why we started our business," she said.

The final version of the displays, placed in stores all over Brazil, was developed by D3, a company that delivers excellence in software, hardware and design.


Create and design an Android retail experience inside Fast Shop stores. Our goal is that both the sales team and the end consumer get to know, understand, fall in love and take home a Samsung smartphone. We need to generate a "wow effect" through Google Photos, with its search capabilities and unlimited backup.

The heart of our experience should be the activation within the store, where the interaction between consumers and sales team takes place. However, we should also create a small (for the table) and large (for the window) version of this experience.

On Friday at 6 pm, we will present what we have created for a group of guests from Google, NewStyle and Fast Shop.

  • Edson Pavoni, Founder and Creative Director at D3
  • Fabio Purcino, Marketing Manager at Fast Shop
  • Felipe Tassara, Architect, Set Designer and Founder at T+T
  • Luciano Bottura, Mobile Business Manager at Fast Shop
  • Thiago Nascimento, Planning Director at Newstyle
  • Tomas Faria, Architect, Algorithm Developer and Founder at Generative Cost
  • Francisco Alencar, Creative Lead at Google
  • Lauren Pachaly, Head of Marketing at Google
  • Marcio Bento, Creative Director at Google
  • Thiago Avancini, Creative Technologist at Google
  • Thomaz Leopoldo, Android Marketing
  • Valdir Leme, Head of Android
  • Vinicius Dib, Head of Android Partnerships
  • Barbara Soalheiro
  • Senta Slingerland
  • Isabella Nardini