How can a content experience deeply shake people's perception of a crucial cause?


Every person in the world is connected to the Amazon. And this happens in different ways: via the food they eat, the water that creates rain in the other side of the globe or simply allowing breathing.

Having this in mind, Google Earth and Mesa, together with a team of amazingly engaged professionals, created a content experience that introduces impacting stories to launch a new perspective about the region and the way each person is connected to the forest.

The Oscar nominee film director Fernando Meirelles, the young indigenous leader Nixiwaka Yawanawá and Paulo Amaral from Imazon Institute were some of the great names that worked together with Google during 5 days to develop the project, choose relevant stories and outline the content that they should tell.

Only 6 weeks after the Mesa, Google launched globally I am Amazon, an immersive experience in Google Earth that connects the user to the forest through the powerful voice of locals.

Around the table
  • Fernando Meirelles, Film Maker
  • Nixiwaka Yawanawá, Indigenous Leader
  • Janaína Augustin, Project Manager at O2 Films
  • Fred Mauro, Storyteller at O2 Filmes
  • Vasco Von Roosmalen, from Ecam
  • Paulo Amaral, from Imazon Institute
  • Dariu Vizeu, Architect
  • Felipe Griebel, Motion Designer
  • Bruno Ponzini, Creative Director
  • Franz Neubert, Developer
  • Gabriela Santos, Interpreter and Translator
  • Esteban Walter, Marketing Director at Google
  • Lauren Pachaly, Head of Creative at Google
  • Kim Farrell, Brand Marketing Manager at Google
  • Marcio Bento, Art Director at Google
  • Pedro Fernandes, Copywriter at Google
  • Raleigh Seamster, Google Outreach Program Lead
  • Juliana Rezende, Partnerships Lead at Google
  • Giuliana Tatini
  • Rafael Quick
  • Yentl Delanhesi
  • Isabella Nardini