Convincing an audience used to on-demand content to watch a show at a certain time and thus bring back primetime's commercial value.


It is the first program of the GNT channel that is born totally integrated to the internet. Celebrities are challenged to "desengavetar" (an expression that means to empty one's drawer) clothes that they don’t really use and put them up for sale.

An online store selling the products that the celebrities take out of their own wardrobes during the show opens at the exact moment the program is aired.

That way, Desengaveta creates a solution to one of the biggest challenges of cable TV today - ensuring a captive, real-time audience and the ability of the channel to maximize on advertising revenues.

Quoting Fashion and Innovation Editor Maria Prata: “It’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen on TV to talk about fashion. It’s thought of (and works as) a real multi-platform show, just like every show dreams of being, but not many manage to be.”

Desengaveta was aired for the first time in September 2016 and only two months later it was already an audience and commercial success, attracting over 6 million viewers. It's Top 10 in Cable TV among female audience during the first exhibitions and its season two was aired on August of 2017.

Our Mission

Create and launch a new, multi-platform program about fashion for GNT. It needs to be authentic entertainment that celebrates the diversity of Brazilian women and reflects their new consumer behavior.

We will prototype a teaser for the program that presents its concept, name and format. We will also create a pitch for potential advertisers.

The result will be presented on the last day to a group of invitees.

Around the table
  • Ana Luiza McLaren, Founder at Enjoei online store
  • Camila Coutinho, Creator of Garotas Estúpidas, the biggest fashion blog in Brazil
  • Caco Neves, Designer and Art Director
  • Cris Bartis, Creative Director at Pontomobi and creator of the Mamilos Podcast (about women’s issues)
  • Eduardo Biz, Editor-in-Chief at Ponto Eletrônico, Trend Forecaster and one of the creators of the documentary Lowsumerism
  • Gabriel Giacomini, Developer
  • Juliana Luna, Creator of the Tribe Project
  • Rafael Caldeira, Strategy Leader at SOKO
  • Renata Chebel, Videomaker
  • Daniela Mignani, Channel Director at GNT
  • Eduardo Salvador, Director of Regional Advertising at Globosat
  • Fabiana Gabriel, Digital Manager at GNT
  • Mariana Koehler, Content Director at GNT
  • Patrícia Koslinski, Content Coordinator at GNT
Mesa's team
  • ‍Ligia Giatti
  • Livia Araujo
  • Isabella Nardini