What kind of ecommerce makes sense for a brand that is sold in four corners of the world?


Very few things are as easy to find as a Coca-Cola. And few things should be as easy as being close to those we love.

Having these facts as a starting point, we had to create the concept and develop the first Coca-Cola's ecommerce in Brazil: a platform that brings you closer to those you love and turns every purchase into a special invitation. A unique place where you can find this special Coca-Cola that is not in every corner, the one that comes bottled with the name of your family or bearing an exclusive message to celebrate a special date.

Since Christmas 2016, loja.cocacola.com. is an ecommerce platform that offers personalized Coca-Cola and Schweppes products.

  • Rafael Prandini, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola
  • Felipe Novaes, Creative & Connections Excellence at Coca-Cola
  • Frederico Mitchell, Category Manager at Coca-Cola
  • Anna Luiza Marzocchi, Content Manager at Coca-Cola
  • Laiz Assad, Digital Commerce Manager at Coca-Cola
  • Danilo Dualiby, Creative Director
  • Gabriel Giacomini, Full Stack Developer
  • Gabriela Gomes, Designer
  • Wolk Menke, Founder at House of All
  • Helena Mattar, Food Journalist
  • Pedro Garcia, Creative Director
  • Eduardo Macedo, Designer
  • Barbara Soalheiro
  • Ligia Giatti
  • Isabella Nardini