Since 2011, we'VE made 132 Mesas

We’ve been to New York, Los Angeles, London, Auckland, AcCra, Venice, Bogotá, MEXICO CITY, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte

We USE a very simple formula

a leader at the head of the table 


a carefully selected group of outstanding professionals 


one mission

AND WE WORK With SOME of the

Perry Chen
Artist and Founder at KickStarter
Allegra Burnette
former Creative Director at MoMA
Fernando Meirelles
Ffilm Maker and Ambientalist
Jose Cabaço
Global Creative Concept at Adidas Group
Jorge Ferreira
Researcher of PANCs (Non-Conventional Food Plants)
Andy Cameron
Interactive Creative Director (in memoriam)
Anthony Burril
Graphic Artist
Camila Coutinho
Fashion Influencer
Cindy Gallop
Advertiser and Founder at Make Love Not Porn
Nathan D. Austin and Ida Benedetto
Experience Designers
Kobe Bryant
Former Professional Basketball Player
Lázaro Ramos
Actor, TV Presenter and Writer
Moon Ribas and Neil Harbison
Artists and Cyborgs
Nixiwaka Yawanawa
Indigenous Leader
Rafael Rozendaal
Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin <br>
Writers and Activists

Our mission is to help professionals and companies solve extraordinary challenges in a short period of time

When we work with brands, we design exclusive models to better solve each company’s unique challenges. In cases like these, participants chosen often form a very diversified group, mixing people from within the client company and invited specialists to participate, or even direct, the process. In both cases, we choose each person  by their abilities and experiences.Working for a maximum of 7 days, we deliver high quality prototypes for areas like: technology, service innovation, new business models, branding, design, marketing and art. During the prototyping process, all of the relevant decisions about the new project are made by the group, as a team. This means that when a Mesa is over, we have the prototype in hands, ready to be tested, along with a list of objectives and next steps to hit the ground running with the designed solution.