Nescau 3.0
Nescau 3.0

October 2015, São Paulo

Nescau 3.0

Helping consumers reduce the ingestion of sugar has been a commitment for Nescau for years.

In 2015, Nestlé’s engineering team managed to develop a new formula with more fiber and less sugar, but with the same flavour of this iconic product. The challenge became how to launch this product.

We understood that the future of Nescau was to be a protagonist in the conversation about sugar consumption, inside Nestlé as well as in the market.

Nescau is a product that needs to be in constant evolution and Nescau 3.0 is its best version so far.

Our Mission

Create and prototype an innovative and proprietary communication format that perfectly translates the decisions this Mesa makes around the positioning of a new  product Nescau will launch.

• “Nescau - sugar + fibres” needs to represent 5% of the brand’s volume, which equals R$50M for Nestlé in 2016.
• The positioning needs to consider the new brand strategy for Nescau which sees sports as the main development tool for children.

The result of this work will be presented on October 23rd at 5pm for a group of guests.

Around the Table
  • André Oliveira, Trend Forecaster at Box1824 NY
  • Beto Shibata, Art Director and Designer
  • Bruno Shintate, Videomaker
  • Ignacio Slocker, Head of Concept at IPG
  • Janaina Borges, President and Concept Director at Contagious
  • Léo Massarelli, Founder of Questto|Nó
    Mayra Abbondanza, Founder of  Mayra - Alimentação Infantil
  • Thais Fabris, Founder of 65|10
  • Thais Frazão, Planner Director at Ogilvy
  • Tiago Pereira, Creative Director
Nestlé Participants
  • Adriano Araujo, Product & Development
  • Demerval Santos, Consumer Insights
  • José Pereira, New Business & Innovation Manager
  • Monica Lopes, Marketing Manager
  • Rodrigo de Marchi, Marketing Manager
Mesa Team
  • Ligia Giatti
  • Livia Araujo
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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