May 2016, New York


“Not knowing leads to a lot of fear. That fear is what drives hostility and violence. We’re trying to replace that fear and arm people with knowledge instead. It’s about liberating all of us—not just trans people.”
This is how Tiq Milan, a TED speaker, journalist and trans advocate, explains asktransfolks.com.

Conceived, developed and launched over the course of 6 days in New York, by a group formed by some of the most recognized creative minds in the world and a few of the most relevant activists of the transgender cause, the platform offers real, honest answers to the questions you have about the trans experience, told through the voices of trans people.

Anyone, trans or cis-gendered, is able to ask a question by posting to Twitter, or submitting directly through the site.

These questions are then vetted by our moderator, and answered by a growing network of trans people around the world in the form of video responses on their own social channels. At #asktransfolks.com, we’ll be aggregating responses to create a dynamic knowledge exchange network.

Through this growing collection of questions and responses, asktransfolks.com is able to provide new narratives, new faces, and new resources to demystify the trans experience, and remove the fear that comes from ignorance.

Through this public conversation, our aim is to make the world a kinder, safer place for trans folk, one question at a time.

Our Mission

To create and launch a global platform that inspires the public to support trans people of color.

Our goal was to design an experience in empathy, in a way that young people and adults understand how important it is to accept and respect them.

This should also allow trans trans people of color to see themselves represented in a positive and inspiring way. The platform will be launched on Monday, May 16th, at 7pm.

Around the Table
  • Aaron Duffy, Founder of art and communication company SpecialGuest
  • Andrew Dowd, Film Director specialized in creating VR content
  • André Chaves, Founder of Papel & Caneta, a global gathering of creatives focused on social impact
  • Casey Caplowe, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of global social impact company GOOD Magazine
  • Daniella Carter, Founder of global transgender advocacy group Gender Global
  • Dofl Y.H. Yun, Creative Technologist at SID LEE
  • Felipe Rocha, Senior Designer at Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Jess Greenwood, VP of Content & Partnerships at R/GA NY
  • Kendra Jones, Senior Copywriter at Code & Theory
    Kim Katrin Milan, Founder of The People Project, a movement for LGBTTQQ2SIA youth of color
    Kim Watson, Founder at CKLife.org, a platform to help transgender youth
    Roberto Martini, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of FLAGCX
    Ron Brodie, Filmmaker and Content Creator
    Tessa Travis, Multimedia Producer and Founder of production company Fathom
    Texas Isaiah Horacio-Valenzuela, Visual Narrator and Photographer
    Tim Claassen, Partner and Strategist at LEMZ Amsterdam
    Tiq Milan, Strategic Media Consultant at GLAAD, a news site for the LGBTQ community
Mesa Team
  • Barbara Soalheiro
  • Ligia Giatti
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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