We believe in doing. We gather talented professionals with different skills and experiences around the same table to conceive, develop and prototype solutions, in a short period of time. Every Mesa ends with a prototype ready to be launched to the world.

We believe in doing.

We conceive, develop and prototype solutions to extraordinary challenges in a really short period of time.

We gather talented professionals with different skills and experience around the same table.

We create one of the most rewarding and efficient innovation experiences you can get.

Stuff we did

More stuff we did

More stuff we did

We created TAB

With most of the online media investments going to companies like Google, Youtube and Facebook today, UOL.com.br had a great challenge: to create a format that made it appealing  to  brands again. That's how TAB was born. An interactive editorial product displayed on  UOL’s homepage every Monday, that  gives advertisers a quality environment in which to speak to their consumers. Launched just 3 months after the Mesa, TAB enabled  UOL to reconnect with a young audience (19-24 years old) and is considered both an editorial and commercial success.

We named TORO

We gave Fiat Chrysler Automobiles an exclusively designed methodology for them to name their cars and inaugurated it during a Mesa in October 2013, where Fiat’s first-ever body-on-frame pickup truck was named.

Cidade Azul

São Paulo is a fluvial city: there are 300 streams running underneath the busy streets. Our mission was to help more people uncover them. Led by Zé Bueno (co-founder at Rios e Ruas) and Lucas Mello (CEO LiveAD), a group of 16 outstanding professionals launched CidadeAzul.org and its first product: an audio-tour through the course of a river in one of the most touristic areas of the city, Vila Madalena.

How to say the most with the least

When everybody is fighting for attention, what kind of message is powerful enough to be remembered? "How to Say the Most with the Least" is a collection of posters created around the table, together with British artist Anthony Burrill. The result was turned into an exhibition in both São Paulo and London. Now you can shop your favorites in Brazil (at Collector55) and in the UK (at Kemistry Gallery).

Somos Natura

Until 2014, Movimento Natura supported the most interesting social projects coming from Natura’s sales representatives with an annual prize. At Mesa, we prototyped its 2.0 version: a digital platform that guarantees continued support.


Led by digital artist Rafael Rozendaal, we've launched the website iwannabealone.com, a combination of a mobile game and an (anti)social network that subverts the logic of space and time in the internet.

Falling in love

It's Nice That, a creative studio based in London dedicated to championing creativity, wanted to understand what makes people fall in love with São Paulo. The website tudobemtudobomsp.com has some answers.

Movimento HotSpot

Alexandre Herchcovitch, Speto and Rogerio Hideki led 3 consecutive Mesas done for Movimento Hotspot, a project conceived by Paulo Borges to identify and reward young talents in the creative industry. Our challenge was to give finalists a powerful learning experience.

Wall change

We took Mesa&Cadeira to the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, and created a project to turn anyone's timeline into an art gallery.

Infinite Playground

Led by Croatian Designer and Architect Marko Brajovic, a group of architects, art history specialists, journalists, entrepreneurs, product and graphic designers, worked to turn a 38 square meter space at a public kindergarten into an inspiring and fun environment. Playground Infinito is not made of  objects. Instead, it creates a landscape that allows for kids’ imaginations to dictate its use.

Cloning awesome

Together with GOOD, we have prototyped GO/DO, a digital platform which enables any person to clone cool  projects happening around the world and encourage their communities to bring them to life.

Leader number 1

After heading the Interactive Department at Fabrica (Benetton's Research Communication Center) for nearly a decade and working as Interactive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London, digital pioneer Andy Cameron became the first leader of a Mesa. His goal was to understand what kind of collaboration works in favor of - and not against - a brand.

Join a Mesa

A Mesa is like a 3D printer of ideas: you start with an idea and, 5 days laters, you see it come to life.

Jose Cabaco,
Creative Director at Nike
more people

You can be a participant at Mesas led by some of the most talented and passionate professionals working in the world right now.

It’s one of the most rewarding and efficient learning experience you can get. At a Mesa, instead of just listening to inspiring people talk about their experience with perfect examples or hypothetical situations, you will work with them: you will see where they invest their energy, why they choose certain paths and how they come up with solutions when facing unexpected problems or new challenges.
November 26th to December 1st, 2015

Blast Theory
How to mobilize an entire city

How to mobilize an entire city

Led by Ju Row Farr

Dissidents from the traditional game industry, and brilliant at occupying public spaces, they combine performance with all sorts of interactive media in order to engage a whole city in relevant causes. Their work has granted them two decades of prizes (such as “Most Awesome Use of Digital Media”) and nominations (just for BAFTA, they got 4).

Price: R$2200
Where: São Paulo, Brazil
March, 2016

People and technology: how to give power away

How to mobilize an entire city

Led by Perry Chen, the creator of Kickstarter

He's one of the 100 most influential people in the world (Time Magazine 2013). The creator of one of the 10 Greatest Industry-Disrupting Startups in the world (Forbes Magazine 2012). Someone who keeps focused on his mission to create impact (The New York Times 2015). Perry is an artist passionate about systems, both social and technological, and how they intersect with and reveal humanity.

Price: To be defined
Where: São Paulo, Brazil

Rumor has it

A Mesa is like a 3D printer of ideas: you start with an idea and 5 days later you see it come to life.

José Cabaco, Nike's former Global Creative Director

100 institutions moving the world forward.

Solutions are created together with brilliant professionals who are leading the changes we want to see in the future.

Marcelo Fantini, Manager Market Research at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

TAB, uma das maiores inovações na história do Uol, estreia hoje com a assinatura do Mesa&Cadeira.

Powerful results.

One of the really great things about Mesa&Cadeira is the way that it matches really good people so perfectly with the Mesa leader. It's not just a bunch of people. It's people who have been very specifically selected.

N. D. Austin, Founder of The Night Heron and Wanderlust Projects / Sextant Works

How to Say The Most With the Least.

I’m a huge fan of Mesa&Cadeira’s work and that’s why I recommend it so often. The first Mesa I participated in,  strongly impacted the way I work and changed the direction of my professional life.

João Paulo Ferreira, Operations VP at Natura

10 mais inovadores do mercado.

Learning through Doing Workshop.

What Mesa does is really simple. Simple and profound. Very different from complex and superficial processes.

Raquel Muller, Executive Marketing Manager at Nestlé Brazil

Artistas ocupam motel de SP com design de experiência.

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