We believe in doing. We gather talented professionals with different skills and experiences around the same table to conceive, develop and prototype solutions, in a short period of time. Every Mesa ends with a prototype ready to be launched to the world.

We believe in doing.

We conceive, develop and prototype solutions to extraordinary challenges in a really short period of time.

We gather talented professionals with different skills and experience around the same table.

We create one of the most rewarding and efficient innovation experiences you can get.

Stuff we did

What kind of e-commerce solution makes sense for a brand that is so focused on bringing people together – and that is sold in every corner around the world?

Softly launched for Christmas 2016, Coca-Cola Brasil’s first e-commerce platform allows you to personalize a bottle and send it to someone you love. More than a product, each purchase is an invitation to get together and celebrate.

commissioned by Coca-Cola

We helped Google create the amazing campaign #dáumgoogle

Banners, films, OOH. The whole campaign launched in November 2016 was conceived and prototyped during a Mesa.

commissioned by Google

More stuff we did

More stuff we did

We got Brazil to really talk about real sex

When advertising legend Cindy Gallop speaks up, there are always consequences. With one tweet, she’s had people fired calling out their sexist behaviour, and had misogynist advertising banned from awards shows. And she only needed 4 minutes on the TED stage to convince thousands of people to share the sex they have on social media, with her worldwide platform #MakeLoveNotPorn.
In May 2016, she came to Brazil to launch a national version of the platform. Together with MakeLoveNotPorn’s curator, Sarah Beall, Cindy led a group of 16 Brazilian professionals to launch www.sexonareal.com: a set of tools rooted in the national culture and language that includes a piece of funk music launched on Spotify and a music video.

Coca-Cola at Rio 2016

Coca-Cola gave us the challenge of transforming one of the biggest hangars in Rio’s port into the most desired space for teenagers during Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It was the first time (in the 88 years that the brand has been a sponsor of the Games), that Coca-Cola invested in a space focused on teenagers.
Around the table, and together with an extremely talented team, we conceived Parada Coca-Cola, that became a popular meeting point for teens, bringing together idols, fans, music, internet and coca-cola official products.

We named Toro and Mobi.

We gave FIAT an exclusively designed methodology for naming their cars. After Toro, a commercial success launched in 2015, we named Mobi in 2016.
The smallest in the fleet, Mobi was born to be a practical and intelligent solution for those who want to move around the city – and it has already overtaken its main competitor in sales.

Branch – we are all strangers

Branch is the result of the Mesa led by Ju Row Farr, a founder of the English collective Blast Theory, one of the most brilliant groups working in the world today when it comes to the use of technologies to occupy public spaces.
At first glance, Branch looks just like a game. But Branch is a deep experience that allows anyone to discover parts of themselves they do not have access to normally.
By transforming the city into a board game and by creating simple but clean rules for you to engage ordinary people as players, Branch helps you create a powerful connection with strangers and the world around you.
On the site thebranch.co, you can download the game and find out more about the project.
A special series of 80 units was produced for the launch. This product is now sold out.

We helped Nescau start a movement.

Working with a few of the most relevant people in the world in sports (including an Olympics medalist and Nike’s former Global Creative Director), we helped Nescau understand and tackle one of the main reasons kids become inactive: sports tend to become a source of pressure – and no longer of pleasure –  when kids reach a certain age (around 10 years old).
Jogadeira, which plays with the words jogo (game) and brincadeira (play), is dedicated to change that.By launching a easy-to-scale and to reproduce series of events that work with 3 important pillars (easy access +well-trained professionals + real interest), Nescau has started a real movement.

Samsung: agents of change

This is what happens when you get the most extraordinary minds in the creative industry to work together creating a manifesto on the way technology impacts our lives.
Inspired by the use of Galaxy Note 4, the smartwatch Galaxy Gear S, the earphone Gear Circle and the Gear VR, the group created Agents of Change, a really innovative and powerful digital campaign, produced in 12 hours around the table.

The future of magazines

In a world where online content gets easier and cheaper to produce everyday, what kind of magazine will survive? We helped Colors, one of the world’s most relevant magazines of our times, to investigate that question. At a Mesa, we created and launched the São Paulo Survival Kit, an editorial product containing a series of objects that, combined, told stories of how São Paulo’s residents survive one of the largest cities in the world.
This product is currently sold out.

Natura Marketplace

Brazil’s biggest direct sales company decided to change its business model: it went from being mono-channel to becoming a multi-channel, multi-category and multi-brand company. At a Mesa, we helped them understand what kind of players would and should emerge in this marketplace and how they will relate to each other. Today, redenatura.net tangibiilizes many decisions made during this Mesa and is one of the most important projects within the 7 billion company.

Fiat Connectivity

When an app on your phone is way better than any GPS in your car, what kind of connectivity makes sense for a manufacturer? We put together a team with of extraordinary professionals from 4 different countries, working with technology and the automotive industry, to prototype a website featuring connectivity services that consumers will have access to once they connect their smartphones to FIAT cars. Because they represented different engineering solutions, hardware and software were being treated as different products inside FIAT. At Mesa, it the importance of marketing them together as one full connectivity solution became clear to the company. This that allowed for a much more powerful communication strategy.

It’s a rainbow!

Since 2012, Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde had been trying to artificially recreate rainbows. In May 2015, at a Mesa, he created the first one onto a landscape, in the middle of downtown São Paulo. The team has also launched the website www.presente.mesaecadeira.com as a documentation of the project.

We blew Kobe Bryant’s mind

Kobe Bryant wanted to engage kids with sports. FLAGCX and Mandalah wanted the project to be a real impact business. We made it possible for everyone to get what they wanted.We flew a team of selected professionals (journalists, a filmmaker, a community mobilizer, extreme sports athletes, designers and coders) to California to work together for 5 days. Kobe met us on Monday, to brief the team. On Friday, we came back to present BACK: a financially sustainable, globally scalable and efficient solution to get Brazilian kids and their communities involved in sports.
The name, concept, financial model, PR strategy and basic functionalities of the platform (both mobile and website) were all ready, just 96 hours after we started working. Kobe was blown away.


Back in 2013, when everyone and every brand was talking about the importance of creating experiences, we invited the duo behind a few of the most memorable happenings in the world (they are the minds behind the Water Tower Bar in NYC, for example) to execute their first experience in Brazil.
Working with N. D. Austin and Ida Benedetto to create Room 186 (an experience that took place on August 20th, 2013, at the love motel Ele&Ela in São Paulo) we were able to learn from the best in the world what are the fundamentals that turn events into experiences that really find a place in people’s memoriesy and hearts forever.

We created TAB

With most of the online media investments going to companies like Google, Youtube and Facebook today, UOL.com.br had a great challenge: to create a format that made it appealing  to  brands again. That's how TAB was born. An interactive editorial product displayed on  UOL’s homepage every Monday, that  gives advertisers a quality environment in which to speak to their consumers. Launched just 3 months after the Mesa, TAB enabled  UOL to reconnect with a young audience (19-24 years old) and is considered both an editorial and commercial success.

How to say the most with the least

When everybody is fighting for attention, what kind of message is powerful enough to be remembered? "How to Say the Most with the Least" is a collection of posters created around the table, together with British artist Anthony Burrill. The result was turned into an exhibition in both São Paulo and London. Now you can shop your favorites in Brazil (at Collector55) and in the UK (at Kemistry Gallery).

Leader number 1

After heading the Interactive Department at Fabrica (Benetton's Research Communication Center) for nearly a decade and working as Interactive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London, digital pioneer Andy Cameron became the first leader of a Mesa. His goal was to understand what kind of collaboration works in favor of - and not against - a brand.

Join a Mesa

A Mesa is like a 3D printer of ideas: you start with an idea and, 5 days laters, you see it come to life.

Jose Cabaco,
Creative Director at Nike
more people

Mesa&Cadeira believes that the best way to learn is by doing.

At a Mesa, instead of you just hear a professional that you admire giving perfect examples of hypothetical situations, you have the opportunity to work with him in a real project: understanding his creative process, how he develops his techniques, how he solve unexpected problems, where he invests more or less energy.

In this section, you will find Mesas open for applications with some of the world's brightest professionals in their fields today.
April 6 - 11, 2017

How technology reveals truths about us as humans

How to mobilize an entire city

Led by Perry Chen, creator of Kickstarter

Perry believes technology has the power to reveal larger truths about humanity as a whole. That’s how he explains the huge success of Kickstarter, the platform he created to fund creative projects, which ended up becoming one of the most groundbreaking ideas of our times: Kickstarter revealed a desire in all of us to embrace creativity -- even when we are not the creators ourselves.
For years, Perry has been interested in the 2003 Brazilian Alcântara Disaster, in which a rocket exploded on its launch pad, killing 21 people. It had been the third attempt to launch a Brazilian rocket into space. In April 2017 he will lead a Mesa to discover, in a intense, investigative newsroom setting, what this story reveals about our relationship with technology, the growing complexity of our world, and about Brazil, its society, its desires, fears, hopes and ambitions.

Price: R$2900 (special price for applications before February 1st).
After February 1st: R$3500.
Where: to be defined

A Mesa is like a 3D printer of ideas: you start with an idea and, 5 days laters, you see it come to life.

Jose Cabaco,
Creative Director at Nike
more people

Soon you can be a participant at Mesas led by some of the most talented and passionate professionals working in the world right now.

It’s one of the most rewarding and efficient learning experience you can get. At a Mesa, instead of just listening to inspiring people talk about their experience with perfect examples or hypothetical situations, you will work with them: you will see where they invest their energy, why they choose certain paths and how they come up with solutions when facing unexpected problems or new challenges.

Rumor has it

A Mesa is like a 3D printer of ideas: you start with an idea and 5 days later you see it come to life.

José Cabaco, Nike's former Global Creative Director

100 institutions moving the world forward.sssddsf

Solutions are created together with brilliant professionals who are leading the changes we want to see in the future.

Marcelo Fantini, Manager Market Research at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

TAB, uma das maiores inovações na história do Uol, estreia hoje com a assinatura do Mesa&Cadeira.

Powerful results.

Brazil is setting the agenda on how to do business in the future. In every industry, every company should be working like Mesa&Cadeira: in real time, working together not to talk, not to think, not to ideate, but to get shit done and make shit happen!

Cindy Gallop, Founder of BBH New York and creator at MakeLoveNotPorn

How to Say The Most With the Least.

I’m a huge fan of Mesa&Cadeira’s work and that’s why I recommend it so often. The first Mesa I participated in,  strongly impacted the way I work and changed the direction of my professional life.

João Paulo Ferreira, Operations VP at Natura

10 mais inovadores do mercado.

Learning through Doing Workshop.

What Mesa does is really simple. Simple and profound. Very different from complex and superficial processes.

Raquel Muller, Executive Marketing Manager at Nestlé Brazil

Dilemas discutidos ao redor da mesa.

Some companies we work with